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Lesson Times When Voluntary Prayers are Forbidden

There are times when it is forbidden to perform voluntary prayers. In this lesson, you will learn about these times.

  • Learn about the times when voluntary prayers are prohibited.

Times When It Is Prohibited to Offer Supererogatory Prayers

A Muslim may offer a supererogatory prayer at any time, except when it is prohibited to offer them, as they are generally times specified for prayers offered by disbelievers, and some of them are a time during which Hellfire is stoked further. Some of them are when the sun rises between the two horns of Satan and other than that. During these times, the Muslim is only allowed to make up for the obligatory prayers he may have missed or the supererogatory prayers that are prayed for a specific reason, such as the prayer of greeting the mosque (tahiyatul-masjid). This applies to prayer only, for a Muslim may remember and supplicate to Allah at any time.

The 1st Time

It starts after the Fajr prayer until the sun rises above the horizon by a spear's length, equal to around twenty minutes in countries with a moderate climate.

The 2nd Time

It starts from the time the sun is at its zenith until the sun begins to decline. This is a short period preceding the beginning of the Dhuhr prayer.

THe 3rd Time

It starts after the Asr prayer and until sunset.

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