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Lesson General Rulings for Journeys

Rulings connected to travel and excursions are not limited to prayer and fasting. Other circumstances also have their rulings. You will touch upon some of them in this lesson

  • Awareness of the general rulings is needed more when traveling.

Extinguishing Fires Before Going to Sleep.

Before going to bed, all lit fires, mainly during winter excursions, must be extinguished, especially inside tents.

Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "A house in Medina once burned down during the night over its inhabitants, and the Prophet ﷺ was told, so he said: «This fire is an enemy to you, so when you go to sleep extinguish it.» (Al-Bukhari, 6294, Muslim, 2016). Another narration adds: «Do not leave a fire lit when you go to sleep.» (Al-Bukhari, 6293, Musim, 2015). In a third narration, Prophet ﷺ mentioned: «Indeed the mischief-doer (i.e., the rat) may drag away the wick of the candle and burn the dwellers of the house.» (Al-Bukhari, 3316, Muslim, 2012)

The Rulings for Hunting.

The general rule is that hunting is permissible. However, it should not cause you to attach your heart to something and neglect the interests of your religion or family. Or it becomes a path to wastefulness, tomfoolery and boastfulness. In a narration, the Prophet ﷺ said: «Whoever lives in the desert, he becomes hard-hearted, and whoever follows game (for hunting) becomes preoccupied with it (and neglectful toward other duties).» (Abu Dawud, 2859)

The general rule is that all animals can be hunted and eaten, except if there is proof to show otherwise. For example, all canine animals like wolves and foxes. Also, all birds with claws, such as eagles, and poisonous animals, such as snakes and others.

Animals on land and in the sea are permissible to be hunted all year round. There is no distinction between Friday or the month of Ramadhan or even the sacred months. However, hunting in the sanctuary of Meccah or Medinah is forbidden. Also, animals belonging to others. Also, a person in the state of Ihram (someone making Hajj or Umrah) cannot hunt land animals.

As a condition, the hunter must be a Muslim, he should say "bismillah" (in the name of Allah), and he uses only trained dogs or birds to assist him in hunting. So if a bird of prey catches its prey on its own accord, or a bullet is fired accidentally. The game is not permissible to eat unless the hunter reaches the prey before it dies, says "bismillah," and sacrifices it accordingly.

Another condition is that the game dies from its wound and not due to strangulation, drowning or trauma from being struck by a heavy object or falling on it from a high place. If the hunter reaches the game while it's still alive, he must sacrifice it accordingly.

It is forbidden to hunt game for sport and not for eating. Also, intimidating people with hunting tools is forbidden, and tying birds down to practice hunting is sinful.

Ibn Omar happened to pass by some young men of the Quraish who had tied a bird (and made it a target) at which they had been shooting arrows. Every arrow that they missed came into the possession of the owner of the bird. So no sooner did they see Ibn 'Omar, they went away. Thereupon, Ibn 'Omar said: "Who has done this? Allah has cursed him who does this. Verily Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) invoked a curse upon one who made a living thing the target (of one's marksmanship)." (Al-Bukhari, 5515, Muslim, 1958)

It is forbidden to point weapons at others, even in jest. For example, the narration says: «None of you should point a weapon towards his Muslim brother, for he does not know, Satan may tempt him to hit him, and thus he would fall into a pit of fire (Hell)» (Al-Bukhari, 7072, Muslim, 2617). Another narration mentions: «If anyone points a piece of iron at his brother, the angels will curse him till he puts it down, even if he is his full brother.» (Muslim, 2616)

A hunter must know the hunting regulations and all safety precautions to preserve himself and others. In addition, there are specific rulings about slaughtering animals in the Islamic way. Also, how to deal with hunting dogs, instances when the game dies, and other rules that the people of knowledge need to be referred to.

Rulings About Foodstuff

The general rule for food is that all are permissible unless evidence indicates otherwise.

Forbidden Forms of Food and Drink

Dead Meat and All its Derivatives
Meat derived from pig
Alcohol and drugs; everything that takes away most of your intellect (intoxication) is forbidden, even in small quantities.
Whatever causes the body harm
Whatever has fangs with which it hunts, such as a lion, a dog, or a cat, or a claw with which it hunts, such as an eagle or a falcon.
Food that is stolen or taken by force.

All plants and fruits in the wild and marketplaces are permissible to eat, but a Muslim must not eat anything that might harm him or he is not sure that it is safe.

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